Apetrel Systems specializes in developing software systems to support electric vehicle (EV) use and in developing intelligent systems for the optimised delivery of green energy.

Our team are highly experienced in managing the creation and delivery of customised intelligent software systems including the use of technologies in machine learning, big data and cyber-security. We work closely with our partners using Agile development methods to meet their specific needs.

Apetrel projects include:

Apetrel are technology partner with Cenex in operating the National Chargepoint Registry on behalf of OLEV, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.

NCR was established by the UK Government to provide a freely accessible database of publicly-funded chargepoints across the UK in support of the Government’s objective to promote the use and sales of Ultra Low Emission vehicles (ULEVs). Operators or owners of any publicly accessible chargepoint may now register their data with NCR. Cenex and Apetrel took over provision of the service in 2017.

You can informally query the the NCR using a form that we created on our Find UK Chargepoints page.

The ConectrisTM project is developing in intelligent systems to control and provide analytics necessary to fully optimise and monitor your green energy utilisation in business and industrial premises including managed EV charging systems. The valuable data generated can be harvested to exploit and refine your strategy and operational control.

SPARK is a research project into the provision of context appropriate data on EV charging. Including:

  • Definition and modelling of the concept of TravelabilityTM based on a function of the density of high speed chargepoints near the UK’s Strategic Road Network and time profiles of traffic volume.
  • Modelling and categorization of public chargepoints on power rating and availability.
  • Modelling of topological features of the road network and their effect on EV range. 

See update on SPARK at News